Winner of the Slovak-Israel scientific startup competition 2017

Legacy & Mission

We believe in fairytales where everybody is the hero of their own story. We believe in the power of ideas and that if these ideas are supported, wonderful and good-quality products may be born. We believe that people make mistakes and can fail. However, we also believe that if that happens, they are able to stand back up and improve. Commitax was founded in a similar situation. Unfavorable circumstances forced us to start our own business, even though we originally wanted to change the world in a different way.

“In the beginning was the Word,” says the Bible. Our story began with motivation to save a family and to survive in a world which did not welcome us with open arms. At the same time, we tried to preserve 200-year-long standards and the reputation of Spitzenberger-Brixi family which were founded on honesty, hard work, and respect towards people and the world.

After 2 years of looking for its own way, Commitax® became an international business and business development company. It connects and manages external, as well as its own international and local companies and projects.

Making the world different

Day one story

Project Day 1 symbolizes the development of our company and the long and winding road that still lies ahead of it. It speaks of what we were like in the past and who we are today. It speaks about our failures, as well as values that our families upheld throughout centuries in faith that the world that we create should be nicer and kinder than the one we currently live in.

REAL estate projects in Slovakia
co-managed technological companies
countries in operations
economic diplomacy connections


Otto Brixi

I am a graduate lawyer and engineer. I used to be the youngest Member of Parliament of the Slovak Republic and I was also a member for the City of Košice. I also held the position of the Director of the Regional Office of the Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, of the advisor of the Members of Parliament, and of an organizer of 2011 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships.

I am fond of travelling, philantropy and animals. If the situation requires, I can be strict, strong-minded and responsible. However, on a normal day, I am empathic and I try to help others as much as I can. I am a complex character where honesty meets with impulsiveness, fairness with reserve, and loyalty with toughness.

The Team

Shlomi Ashkenazi

Shlomi is an Israeli businessman, an active partner of Pango Polska and a skilled mentor who developed several Israeli companies in the world.

Noam Dakar

Noam is the owner of Dakar Holding which connects several companies with high technological value. It is an active member of Polish-Israeli chamber and the provider of the fastest-growing parking platform in Poland.

Marek Kuzma

Marek is the founder and director of Innocent Store which makes its own premium accessories for Apple devices. The company has been a partner of Commitax since 2019, operating within Apple Premium Reseller Stores in several countries of the world.

Viki Glam

Viki is a businessman and a venture capital investor who has had many successful outputs with his own Israeli start-up. He is a co-founder of Enerjoy platform.

Dror Cohen

Dror is a long-time expert in the area of motivation and skill-training of employees of banking, insurance, customer and telecommunication businesses. He is a co-founder and CEO of Enerjoy – the first platform which supports motivation and sales via AI.

Moshe Teter

Moshe is the CTO of Enerjoy. He is a technologist and a programmer with his body and soul. He had devoted his life to creation of technological projects. He is a peaceful and humble man whose work achievements speak for his skills and precision.

Ziv Shalev

Ziv is one of the most experienced Israeli general directors of call center companies. He knows more about management and technological operations of call centers than many people know about the world. He is a co-founder of Aspire Call Center Technologies which has been providing technological background to various extranational companies.

Ben Zaneti

Ben is a CEO&and founder of Anima platfrom and long term professional expert in children protection field.Ben most of his present career life works on AI and machine learning solutions able to detect sexual and psychological threats against children.

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